The Choice of World Champions

If you are familiar with Rattler Ropes, you know  the GT4.

Known for its four strands, durability, and long lasting life and body, the GT4 has been used to win more gold buckles than any other rope on the market.

GT4 kollin
Kollin VonAhn using GT4

Big names such as Rich Skelton, Walt Woodard, Randon Adams, Kollin VonAhn, Jade Corkill, and Travis Graves are among some of the world champions who chose to use the GT4.

While the GT4 is predominately used as a heel rope, it’s not uncommon to see a header using the light blue. Up and comer Clay Smith uses the GT4 on the head side and just qualified for his first NFR. There is also the GT4 Lite option.

The GT4 is Rattler’s top selling team rope and has yields proven results with lots of body and consistency. It’ll make you ask what second place even feels like?

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