The Breakthrough in Breakaway, the Spitfire

The Spitfire

You may have seen them, you may have heard about them…and yes the rumor is true! Rattler Rope proudly introduces the Spitfire, the first rope ever made specifically for the sport of breakaway roping!

The Spitfire is 28′ long, available in sizes 50/S Pro and 60/S Pro and is made to last!

The Spitfire was designed and engineered with a customized process using technologically advanced fibers. The result provides a combination of loop body and tip feel that has never been available before. The Spitfire gives ropers the confidence to pull off supersonic catches literally right out of the box. The shell is super smooth so the rope feeds fast and easy, but it slams shut sharp, fast, clean, and tight around the target. Breakaway is sport where even a hundredth of a second makes the difference in a win. The Spitfire’s vivid color is easily noticed going around the neck and breaking from the horn. The loop stays open letting the roper be aggressive and deliver out of the very first swing. The weighted tip helps ropers guide the loop to the target. Simply put, the Spitfire was designed to allows the roper to be aggressive and feel their rope. With the Spitfire, ropers can reach and pull off bell collar shots from further back of the target, which is so necessary with the level of competition competing in the sport today.

With the help of multiple time WPRA World Champions Kelsie Chace and Jackie Crawford, the Spitfire is made for the modern age of breakaway roping

Until now, breakaway ropers had to choose to rope with a either a calf rope or team rope, but these events are very different from breakaway roping! Rattler saw the opportunity to create something very needed in the fast growing sport of professional breakaway roping. With the help of WPRA World Champions, Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chace, the Spitfire is made to be the go-to reaching rope that snaps fast around the neck. Due to its proprietary construction, the Spitfire can’t be compared to sizing of poly or nylon ropes. It is available in the sizes 50/S Pro and 60/S Pro, both at 28′ long. The 50/S Pro will be lighter in weight than the 60/s Pro and they both have a feel you have to swing for yourself!

The sport of breakaway is on the brink of new horizons with new opportunities being sanctioned in RFD-TV’s The American and the WCRA. Never before has the breakaway roper had more opportunity to win championships and big prize money. At Rattler, we believe the sport has more than earned its right to have its own rope! We are excited to be apart of the new chapter of this sport and are proud to provide a tool we are confident will win many championships to come!

Tibba Smith winning Cody Ohl’s roping in Sweetwater, TX and her first RFD-TV American Semi-Finals Qualification using the Spitfire.


The Spitfire is shipping to Rattler Rope dealers and will also be available in the Rattler Rope booth in Cowboy Christmas December 6-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center as well as the NRS booth at the South Point. For more information please visit


“The sport of breakaway is changing rapidly and becoming more and more competitive, therefore we have been needing a rope designed specifically for our competition needs. The Spitfire is the exact rope for the breakaway roper has been needing.” -Jackie Crawford, 18X WPRA World Champion

“The ropes were a big hit yesterday [referring to the Phil Fifer Memorial]!. Lots of people swung them and said how good they felt. Jackie [Crawford] won 2nd & I won 4th. The flagger stopped Jackie and myself and told us how easy they where to see- he wished every girl would use them!”Tibba Smith, Reserve WPRA World Champion, 2X Windy Ryon Champion

“Just finished a set of calves with this rope, I’m in love with it. I tested its weight and durability to stay open by reaching all I had at one and wow I am impressed!”Kaytlyn Miller, Multiple NHSRA National Champion

“I love the new rope [the Spitfire], I need to order some more! I cracked it out at the roping [2018 Doka Ranch Breakaway Roping] today and it felt good!Justine Doka, INFR World Champion, WCRA Chicago Finalist

“I love the way it feels!”Brooke McLemore, 2017 Ultimate Calf Roping Finals Champion

“We love the feel and how it stayed open and was easy to swing! The color is beautiful, we can’t wait to get one!” -Kate and Abby Hepper, NHSFR Finalists


For contact: Hannah Haugen, Public Relations Coordinator,

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