In The Corner with Marty Yates

Rattler Rope sat down with calf roper, Marty Yates, to talk about what he thought was important in order to be successful inside and outside of the arena.

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Work Ethic

“One of my favorite sayings is you only get out what you put in. By that I mean you only reap reward for how much time and work you put into something, whether it is roping, barrel racing, or something that doesn’t even have anything to do with rodeo. Your drive and determination is what will give you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. If you want to be great in what you do, you can’t just hope to be better; you have to get down there, think about it, and make yourself do the right thing to be better. The preparation you put in will come out when the chips are down and it’s your time to shine. You never know when that time may be, so there is no better time to start working at what you want then right now. Nothing worth having ever comes easy!”

-Marty Yates



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