Semi-Finals Calf Roping Slack Results


FORT WORTH, February 15, 2017–Tuesday held the Ultimate Calf Roping sanctioned Semi Final slack. 152 competitors competed for the top 20 spots advancing to the performances Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16th. From there, the 10 fast times will advance to Friday’s final performance where it will be a “clean slate” format with the top six times advancing to AT&T Stadium for RFD-TV’s The American. The three Semi-Final performances will be held at 7:30 pm nightly at the Cowtown Colliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Tickets for the Semi-Finals and The American can be purchased at

Tie-Down Roping: (first round winners)

1. Ty Harris, San Angelo, TX, 6.86 seconds, $8,158. 2. Chris Demases, Boyd, Texas, 6.93, $4,501. 3. Cody Craig, Wendell, Idaho, 7.05, $3,657. 4. Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, 7.15, $2,532. 5. Catfish Brown, Collinsville, Texas, 7.17, $2,250. 6. Kelsey Garrison, Canyon, Texas, 7.25, $1,969. 7. Landyn Duncan, Atascosa, Texas, 7.32, $1,688. 8. Tyler Milligan, Pawhuska, Okla., 7.33, $1, 407. 9. John Douch, Huntsville, Texas, 7.39, $1,125. 10. Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas, 7.40, $844.

Second Round

1. Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, 6.47, $8,158. 2. Tyler Milligan, Pawhuska, Okla., 6.49, $4,501. 3. Cody McCartney, Ottawa Lake, Mich., 6.95, $3, 657. 4/5. (tie) Cory Solomon, Prairie View, Texas, and Zack Jongbloed, Iowa, La., 7.09, $2,391. 6. Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 7.12, $1,969. 7. Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, 7.16, $1,688. 8. Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas, 7.21, $1,407. 9. Tanner Green, Cotulla, Texas, 7.30, $1,125. 10. Trent Creager, Stillwater, Okla., 7.32, $844.

Top Twenty Advancing to Performances

Wednesday, February 15:

Rowdy Haferkamp, Cuero, Texas.

Cory Solomon, Prairie View, Texas.

Marshall Leonard, Shongaloo, La.

Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas.

Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas.

Fred Whitfield, Hockley, Texas.

Zak Danison, Groveport, Ohio.

Darnell Johnson, Pueblo, Colo.

Ty Harris, San Angelo, TX.

Giovanni Davis, College Station, Texas.

Thursday, February 16:

Sterling Smith, Stephenville, Texas.

Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah.

James Collins, Turley, Okla.

Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas.

Bradford Loeffler, Orange Grove, Texas.

Blair Burk, Durant, Okla.

Landyn Duncan, Atascosa, Texas.

Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas.

Ryaan Thibodeaux, Eunace, La.

Seth Cooke, Weatherford, Texas.

A 16.47 was the cut off on two.







Hannah Haugen


2015 Rattler Milestone Moments

2015 was one for the books for Rattler Rope. Our professionals and products proved they were among the elite in the business once again, and it was a very successful year. We wanted to highlight and give credit where due to a few of our superstars.

Westyn Hughes may be an up and comer young gun, but his name will be one to remember for days to come. 2016 will be his rookie year and he is looking to strike and make a run for the NFR. His growing resume has accomplishments such as the youngest roper to qualify for the CPRA finals, the youngest to ever win the CPRA Tie Down Roping, and the first roper to ever win three consecutive CPRA titles as well as three consecutive qualifications to RFD-TV’s The American Semi Finals, winning the qualifier in Stephenville, TX. He is mounted on some of the best horses in the business and there is no need for introduction on what Westyn can achieve.

Westyn Hughes at 2015 RFD-TV’s The American Semi Finals in Fort Worth, TX

Kollin VonAhn proved once again he has what it takes to become a world champ. He had an outstanding 2015 season and National Finals winning the average with partner Luke Brown and a GT4 Rattler heel rope and won the world title with Aaron Tsinigine. The added money at the finals really amped up the excitement and one has to argue the team roping world title race was one of the most exciting to date.

Rattler-Word-pressIn 2016 Kollin will be partnered up with Colby Lovell and they are already off to a strong start. They will be a fun team to watch!

The Dark Horse of the whole NFR was  Caleb Smidt. He had a fairytale finals coming off of a serious leg injury from the previous year. He proved to everyone that he was the comeback kid and with his good bay horse, Pockets. He left Las Vegas with his first gold buckle and NFR average win. Caleb Smidt is a multi event cowboy and just qualified for RFD-TV’s The American Qualifier with Paul Eaves on the heel side. Looking to see big things from this guy in 2016!

Caleb Smidt at 2015 NFR 

All in all it was a great year and we are looking forward to document more milestone moments in 2016. #NothingComesClose



Westyn for the Triple Crown Win


Up and coming superstar, Westyn Hughes, proved he can play with the big boys this past weekend at the Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association Finals in Angleton, TX. He came into these finals leading the world standings, with none other than 8X World Champion Fred Whitfield in second place. Hughes placed in all three rounds and won the average.

Hughes was the youngest to ever qualify for the CPRA finals in the tie down roping and the youngest to ever win the title. He now has won that title three times, earning him the triple crown.

Hughes says he has learned from being around these champions he has looked up to and come to know and it is an honor to compete against them. He accredited his CPRA experience to his ability to rope smart in high pressure situations.

The CPRA has been like professional rodeo for me. I haul all year and it has made me grow as a roper. Up until now, these are the only rodeos I could go to where I get the opportunity to rope against the pro guys.

Hughes also won RFD-TV’s The American Semi Finals Qualifier in Stephenville, TX. This is his third qualification to the prestigious event. You could say that three is Hughes’s lucky number. Now at the age of 18, Hughes knows more of what to expect come time for the Semi Finals and is looking for that qualification to Cowboy’s Stadium.

Westyn Hughes is a phenomenon in the sport, but this didn’t happen by luck. Hughes said his advice he always gives when talking to young kids beginning their careers is,

The little things make the biggest difference. Your ability to win comes by being willing to put the time and effort into it that others won’t.

This method has proven to be successful for Hughes and he has big goals for 2016. He is mounted on some of the best horses in the sport  that include Oz, 2008 AQHA Tie Down Roping Horse of the year and formerly rode and owned by NFR Qualifier and Million Dollar PRCA earner Justin Maass, along with two other solid horses, McLovin’ and Chicka. Westyn Hughes will be a name you will be hearing for a long time to come and he is gunning for the 2016 PRCA Rookie title and his first NFR Qualification. Big things are headed this young man’s way and it will be an exciting show to watch.

The Choice of World Champions

If you are familiar with Rattler Ropes, you know  the GT4.

Known for its four strands, durability, and long lasting life and body, the GT4 has been used to win more gold buckles than any other rope on the market.

GT4 kollin
Kollin VonAhn using GT4

Big names such as Rich Skelton, Walt Woodard, Randon Adams, Kollin VonAhn, Jade Corkill, and Travis Graves are among some of the world champions who chose to use the GT4.

While the GT4 is predominately used as a heel rope, it’s not uncommon to see a header using the light blue. Up and comer Clay Smith uses the GT4 on the head side and just qualified for his first NFR. There is also the GT4 Lite option.

The GT4 is Rattler’s top selling team rope and has yields proven results with lots of body and consistency. It’ll make you ask what second place even feels like?

Finished with the Wrap…On to the Hooey

Rattler wordpress
Marty Yates at ’14 NFR

2015’s season has come to a close in the tie down roping and today, October 1, is the dawn of the 2016 season. Exciting is one of the many adjectives that could describe this year’s season. The top 5 have been switching spots all year and a couple made an amazing comeback to sneak in the Top 15.

We are proud to announce that Team Rattler at the National Finals Rodeo will consist of Marty Yates, Cade Swor, Timber Moore, and Caleb Smidt. We’re looking for big things to happen under the bright lights of Vegas and wish our guys the best of luck!

2o15 National Finals Rodeo Tie Down Roping Qualifiers

1 Tuf Cooper Decatur TX $130,803.12
2 Timber Moore Aubrey TX $112,798.56
3 Marty Yates Stephenville TX $99,280.84
4 Hunter Herrin Apache OK $93,812.52
5 Trevor Brazile Decatur TX $91,977.81
6 Caleb Smidt bellville TX $87,450.24
7 Ryan Jarrett Comanche OK $85,966.78
8 Matt Shiozawa Chubbuck ID $85,005.03
9 Marcos Costa Childress TX $84,342.52
10 Monty Lewis Hereford TX $82,903.28
11 Cory Solomon Prairie View TX $82,482.58
12 Cade Swor Winnie TX $77,872.70
13 Sterling Smith Stephenville TX $72,296.55
14 Tyson Durfey Savannah MO $72,059.53
15 Shane Hanchey Sulphur LA $70,456.62

Spicer Gripp Memorial Youth Foundation Roping and Updated Windham Weaponry World Standings


Calf ropers of all ages had a big opportunity this week in the tie down event. Westyn Hughes proved that at 17 years old he can hang with the wolves winning two of the three go rounds at the coveted Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping in Hereford, TX winning a chunk of change amounting over $7,700. Hughes will be one to watch in 2016.

The world title race is getting tighter and tighter as Caleb Smidt had a big weekend winning Dodge City and nearly $7,000 to close the gap between him and Marty Yates to a margin of $353.02. The cowboys are getting ready to head to the Northwest to finish out the eight critical weeks of the regular season. It’s do or die from here on out.

Top 20 Tie Down Ropers

1 Marty Yates Stephenville TX $71,521.02
2 Caleb Smidt Bellville TX $71,168.00
3 Tuf Cooper Decatur TX $70,968.11
4 Monty Lewis Hereford TX $70,478.95
5 Hunter Herrin Apache OK $70,402.61
6 Timber Moore Aubrey TX $69,631.99
7 Trevor Brazile Decatur TX $66,098.27
8 Ryan Jarrett Comanche OK $64,375.80
9 Cory Solomon Prairie View TX $64,004.18
10 Clint Robinson Spanish Fork UT $60,274.82
11 Michael Otero Lowndesboro AL $58,722.52
12 Cade Swor Winnie TX $52,855.58
13 Tyson Durfey Savannah MO $48,477.83
14 Marcos Costa Childress TX $47,304.53
15 Matt Shiozawa Chubbuck ID $46,958.76
16 Adam Gray Seymour TX $46,955.19
17 Blair Burk Durant OK $43,802.01
18 Jake Pratt Ellensburg WA $43,800.52
19 Rhen Richard Roosevelt UT $42,708.76
20 Jordan Ketscher Squaw Valley CA $42,356.56