Rattler Breakaway Rope Guide: Part 1

2019 has been full of new adventures for lady ropers in the US and Canada! Breakaway roping is on the rise and ropers of all ages are dusting off their ropes to join in on the fun. One could argue 2019 can be deemed, Year of the Breakaway Roper.

If you are new to roping, have trouble deciding which rope is best for you, or simply want more technical information about our ropes, look no further to our breakaway rope guide!

Choosing A Rope

Rattler Rope is committed to helping support and grow the sport of breakaway roping. We feel we have one of the most complete line of breakaway ropes in the industry equipping ropers with a tool to help them succeed at the situation at hand. Rodeos and jackpots present different scenarios with ground conditions, weather, score, and stock. Whether you are loyal to only one type of rope, or like to have a variety in your arsenal, Rattler makes a rope for you and can walk you through the process of each rope’s strengths and composition.

The Striker™

The Striker was the first ever four-strand calf rope with a CoreTech core made of synthetic polyester and was the first rope introduced to the Rattler Calf Roping line. What’s so special about this rope is although it’s poly, it doesn’t stretch, which results in increased life and extreme consistency. The four strands give the Striker a smooth, fast feel with the core acting as a stabilizer (distributing the weight evenly), allowing it to rebound quickly to its natural state. It has a lot of action with little to no bounce!

The Striker is available in smaller sizes for junior ropers and is alway available in a left handed option.

Right 28′ 8.5, 9.0, 10.0, 10.25, 10.5, 10.75

Left 28′ 10.0, 10.5



The Viper™

The Viper™ was the first five strand calf rope with a CoreTech core. It’s also made of low stretch poly with more consistency and less stretch backed with a lot of speed and snap! It has the smoothness and feel of a polygrass, with strength and stability from the core that allows for deadly accuracy!

28′. 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.25, 10.5

The Viper is a five strand poly rope that has a lot of feel and snap with an indescribable smoothness.

The Spitfire™

The Spitfire™ is the first professional breakaway rope of its kind. Made specifically to reach and rope the neck. The customized manufacturing process using technologically advanced fibers allow the loop to stay open and upon delivery close sharp, fast, and tight around the neck. The enhanced tip has a weighted feel, helping o know where the loop is and guiding it to the intended target. The shell is extremely smooth allowing the rope to feed fast and easy. The body keeps the loop open to create a perfect storm for an aggressive, first-swing-shot out of the box! Developed by Rattler with the help of Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chace.

28′, 50/S Pro, 60/S Pro


Jackie Crawford competing at RFD-TV’s The American using the Rattler Spitfire. Photo by JA Snapshots, Jamie Arviso.

Choice Of Champs

As the spotlight on the sport brightens, the competition and talent is as tough as ever. We took some time to ask the opinions of some of the best ropers in North America their rope choice and why. They come from all over the map but have one common denominator, they have had a lot of success with Rattler Ropes. Kelsie Chace resides in Stephenville, TX, Tibba Smith is in Hobbs, NM, and Taylor Munsell is in Alva, Ok. Between the three, you will find high school championships, collegiate championships, RFD-TV’s The American qualifications, and WCRA Major qualifications and championships among countless other prestigious accolades.

Tibba Smith: STRIKER 9.5

“The Striker stays open and allows my figure-eight to come over on the right-hand side for a clean and crisp neck shot. I like a rope with a lighter weight, so the 9.5 fits my preference.”

Tibb Smith competing at the 2019 RFD-TV’s The American at AT&T Stadium using the Striker. Photo by JA Snapshots.

Kelsie Chace: VIPER 10.0 or SPITFIRE 50S/PRO

“I used a 10.0 Viper for a long time and still do from time to time. Now that the Spitfire is out, I use the 50/S PRO. I really like both ropes but I feel like the Spitfire stays with me better and I never have to wait on my tip.”

Kelsie Chace competing at the 2019 RFD-TV’s The American using the Viper. She recently won 3rd at the WCRA Major in Greenbay, WI using the Spitfire. Photo by JA Snapshots

Taylor Munsell

“I use a 9.0 Viper. To me I think the 9.0 fits me so good because of my bad shoulder. The smaller rope keeps my arm from wearing out and I like how much action it has and how easy it is for me to get it up on my first swing.”


2019 RFD-TV’s The American Reserve Champion & recent NIRA College breakaway champion Taylor Munsell uses the 9.0 Viper in competition. Photo by JA Snapshot



When finding the right rope for you, our best advice is to pick one up, swing them, and rope with them to really get an understanding on what your ideal “feel” truly is. For a list of Rattler Rope dealers, click HERE, or come see us at a show!

The New Triple-Threat in Team Roping, the Triton

Rattler Rope is proud to present the new triple-threat in team roping, the Triton4! Completely unique from anything on the market, the Triton is composed of three different fibers in a proprietary process never-before found in a manufactured rope! The balance of speed, snap, and feel of the Triton is second to none.

untitled (4 of 5)
George McQuain, head of rope production at Classic and Rattler Rope swinging the NEW Triton!

The poly fiber increases the tip size and feel. Nylon Fiber 1 gives more body and twist for an open loop and zippy closure, while Nylon Fiber 2 adds forgiveness, consistency, and balance. This one-of-a -kind blend ensures the Triton’s longevity and performance.

untitled (1 of 5)
The Triton is made of a proprietary blend of 3 unique fibers never before used in a rope

Triton Specifics

4 strand 30’ Head Rope with core (XXS, XS, S, MS)4 strand 35’ Heel Rope with core (MS, M, HM)
Small Diameter- Medium Weight- Between Radar and GT4Small Diameter- Medium Weight- Between Radar and GT4
Loop wants to go to the base of the head, the weighted tip creates curl, then snaps shut crisp and fast!Weighted tip guides delivery and goes to the ground in front of steers feet. Loop blows up in front of target on delivery.
untitled (2 of 5)
Each Rattler Rope is handmade in Stephenville, TX

The Triton head rope has a small diameter with medium weight, but with lots of tip feel and action. The heel rope also has a small diameter and a medium weight that guides the tip to the ground for delivery. This enables the loop body to expand and hold in front of the target upon delivery. The Triton is a four-strand rope with a CoreTech™ core available in both a 30’ head and 35’ heel rope and is now shipping to Rattler Rope dealers across the country.

untitled (5 of 5)
Triton ropes are now shipping and can be found wherever Rattler Ropes are sold!

About Rattler Rope

Rattler Rope carries a full line of products designed for faster times through leading innovations in ropes, consistent strings, and quality products for competitors at all levels of competition made in Stephenville, TX. Whether goat tying, calf roping, breakaway roping, or team roping- Rattler Rope is dedicated to the success of our customers.